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CoManage as a digital bridge between the modern entrepreneur and modern bookkeeper

Start digitizing today and get real-time insights from your customers.


Use the CoManage partner package and automate the work process of your customers

Automatic exports & UBL format

Customers who do not bring their documents in time? Serial work for entering invoices? Does this sound familiar to you or your colleagues? Obtain sales invoices digitally through automatic exports.

Loading sales invoices in the accounting software? With every export you can also find the invoice in UBL format.


Thanks to the smart Codabox integration, your sales invoices are automatically forwarded to Codabox in the background. Codabox in turn makes sure that the invoice comes into your accounting program.

automatically process costs

In addition to processing the sales invoices of your customers, costs can also be processed automatically. This by means of a scan & recognition function with 100% scan guarantee and this within 24 hours.

Benefits that will save you and your customers precious time!

  • real-time statistics from your own customers
  • reduction of paper stock
  • export to UBL / PDF format
  • Codabox link
  • processing costs
  • add unlimited sub-users
  • reaching potential new customers
  • no software installation required
  • on smartphone, tablet & pc
  • kick-ass support by CoManage team

try for 30 days questions ?

Try all the benefits of the partner package and decide after 30 days.

Do you want to take the step to digitization as an accountant? Start the free trial version and discover the power of the CoManage partner account! Would you like a live demo please contact us for an appointment and we will be happy to visit you.

Save more time!

Clever integrations allow you to work faster and smarter.
Spend less time setting up configurations and more time accomplishing goals.