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Stock management. For SMEs and freelancers who are serious about growth.

The more products and / or services you offer, the harder it becomes to properly manage your inventory. Many small and medium-sized businesses still stick to old habits. Like writing down their inventory on a piece of paper. Paper gone? So is your overview. And efficiency.

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Organise your stock into product groups

Stock control becomes easier when you organise your products or services into groups. In CoManage, you can create as much groups as you need. With a few clicks, you can assign a particular product, or service to a group.

Products and services managed with 1 inventory system

Many businesses offer both services and products. Offering your customers the convenience of buying goods directly from you, can seriously boost your income.

  • As a graphic designer you can for instance generate an extra income by selling printed business cards or brochures.
  • As a landscape architect, you can sell plants to your customers.
CoManage is an ideal solution for you if your offers both products and services. There is no need to use two different stock management software packages.

Inventory of your services

If you are a freelancer or any other service provider, you may wonder how our inventory management system can be relevant to you.

The answer is simple. Once you have entered your services in the inventory, you can include them in your quotations and invoices with a few clicks.

CoManage stock management in a nutshell:

  • Enter data of products / services once
  • Easily retrieve and include your data on your invoices or quotations
  • Automatically updating your stock levels based on your invoices
  • Safe storage in the cloud
  • Access your inventory anywhere, anytime
  • Up-to-date data for you and your team(s)
  • Freedom to create extra product units if you need to: hours, weight, size, …

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