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Easily Manage
your Customers and Suppliers

Managing your customers and suppliers with CoManage is child's play. Easily enter or import your contacts today in our convenient online tool. And win time.

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Entering Customer Data Once

You decide how much data you enter in our client management system. From some customers for instance, you may not have all information available. These data, you can always enter later on. For other clients, you only need really basic information such as name, address and VAT number. And for other customers, it might be interesting to add additional information, such as the contact details of several people.

Using your Customer Data

Once you have entered the data of your choice, you can start using it in different ways in our customer management software.

With your customer data, you can:

  • quickly plan your route thanks to the integration of Google Maps
  • create an invoice for your customer without having to re-enter the contact details
  • easily find the data of a particular customer
  • make an appointment with a customer or supplier

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