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Compose and send online offers

Composing a business proposal usually takes quite some time. Time which is, by the way, not paid for by the recipient of your offer. Yet, as a company or independent, you can hardly survive without taking this administrative task seriously.

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Elements of an offer

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Of course, the quotes you compose with CoManage have all necessary fields. Moreover, we make it even easier for you by filling in a number of things automatically. This does not only save time for you, but the risk of making mistakes is also reduced to zero. To be more precise, CoManage does the following for you:

  • The validity date of the offer is automatically included at the bottom.
  • You can automatically load the address details from your contacts. In one click you can select the appropriate company.
  • If you want to grant a discount, the correct pricing will be calculated automatically.
  • Your quote gets a unique number, making it very easy for you to find the offer back later on.
In addition to these automatic includes, you still have the freedom to further customise your offer, by e.g. adding a title, or choose between hours or pieces as a unit.

Send your quote with one click

If you have prepared your offer, you can view it before sending it out. To select the recipient, you can easily choose from your contact list and then send your offer with one click.

Also want to have fun composing your offers? Click here. Today is the perfect day to send your first digital offer. And be surprised how little time this takes.

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